New low energy LED floodlights for the Tennis Courts at the Heatons Sports Club

The brand new LED floodlights part funded by the Tennis Section and the Heatons Sports Club have seen use in their inaugural match this week. Our Ladies 3rd Team enjoyed a convincing 8-4 win against Mellor Ladies 2nd Team under the new LED floodlights. “They were excellent lights to play under” reported Ladies Captain Charlotte Danvers, “I’m not saying that they made us play any better than normal, but they certainly added to the atmosphere and made sure we could actually see every ball played. On behalf of the team I would like to thank the committee for providing such a massive improvement to the lights”. The new lights are not only cheaper to run, better for the environment and longer lasting than the previous, ageing, floodlights but also guarantee the lux levels for league matches to the Lawn Tennis Association standard for fast moving ball sports.

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