To all our members, staff and greater community of the Heatons Sports Club.

On behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to give a brief update on our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are adapting and adjusting our response to the virus in coordination with government guidelines as the situation evolves. To date we have closed the Sports Club completely with minimum attendance by key staff and volunteers in order to safely maintain the building and grounds as and when required.

We are of course, like everyone else, in uncharted territory and our immediate response has been to ensure the health and safety of all those who utilise the club either in a work, playing or social capacity. People’s welfare comes first. All ‘business as usual’ activity is on hold. This has an obvious impact on the Club’s finances with bar takings and membership fees perhaps having the most impact on our much needed revenues.

I want to reassure everyone that the Club does have fiscal resilience in place for the short term and we are working on various recovery plans that we will need to adopt once restrictions are lifted. However, I think it is fair to say that we will be calling on all our members and friends over the next year (or longer!) to get us back on anything resembling an even keel.

Please remember that the current situation is temporary and we will all soon be back enjoying everything the club has to offer. Until then I wish you and all those affected good health and continued safety.

Tony Murton

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