After an exciting game high of quality lacrosse, Heaton Mersey 1st team beat Stockport to win the Senior for the 1st time in 15 years, 14 -11. The 1st team came from 9-6 down in the 3rd quarter to clinch a well deserved victory over local rivals Stockport in the first time for many years.

Lacrosse Secretary, Matt Ferdinand, said “this is a vindication of our long term junior development program, as 5 of the 15 team members were 17 years old and 12 of the team were “home grown” Mersey Players.

The B team won the Lancashire Cup beating Boardman and Eccles A 13 – 3 in another thrilling encounter and in the Onondaga cup a young U12s side lost to Mellor 3 – 13.