1. Annual junior subscribers must submit a membership form each year signed by a parent or guardian, accompanied by the appropriate fee, subscription or donation.

2. Acceptance is subject to a vacancy in the section(s) and may depend upon proven playing ability in certain sports

3. There may be some restrictions on when juniors may use the Club’s playing facilities

4. Appropriate dress, footwear and equipment must be used for playing sports

5. Playing section rules must be observed

6. Playing of unofficial games on the Club’s premises and grounds is not permitted

7. Cycling is not permitted on the grassed areas of the club.

8. Junior members may not invite non-member guests to play at the Club or use the clubhouse without prior permission from an official

9. Junior members under the age of 16 should not be in the clubhouse after 9pm unless they have just finished playing sport or are accompanied by an adult member

10. Junior members must leave the clubroom/bar if asked to do so by a Club official

11. The wearing of muddy or dirty footwear or kit in the carpeted areas of the Club is not permitted.  If you are muddy TAKE OFF YOUR BOOTS/SHOES, WASH YOUR HANDS AND FACE, WEAR A FULL CLEAN TRACKSUIT OVER YOUR KIT.

12. Junior members are not elected members of the club and therefore do not have full member’s rights

13. Misbehaviour may lead to instant suspension or exclusion from the Club.